Katrina leach
Art director, designer, self-proclaimed nerd, nature lover, and board game geek. 
In the past 10+ years, I've enjoyed creating and evolving brands from concept to fruition. I've developed my skills in everything from e-commerce web solutions to experiential design for the world's largest technology conference. From working in small companies and wearing many hats, to large companies with a refined focus on specific tasks, I've had the chance to have my hands on many different aspects of the design and advertising world.
I hail from the east coast, but currently live in the Bay Area of California. I enjoy crocheting and starting too many projects. I love a good roller coaster and haunted house. I still don't like green beans. My cat's name is Douglas and he loves butter. My spirit animal is a hybrid of Liz Lemon, Linda Belcher, and a panda. My dog is a wizard.
Yes, I Catan — I will steal the longest road from you, but you can keep the largest army.